Compliance 4 startups

A practical approach to risk management
for small to medium-sized businesses.


A risk management cycle has four simple steps.

A risk management cycle is always the same. Whether you're a large corporate multinational or a small start- or scale-up. And it consists of four simple steps.


First identify your risks based on your company's goals, environment and the rules and regulation you have to comply to.

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Next determine what measures you (need to) take in everyday business to mitigate those risks to an acceptable level.

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Then regularly assess these measures to see if the function as intended and the associated risks are indeed mitigated as desired.

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Take action on any deviations you found with the assessment to improve your risk posture and repeat the cycle from step one again.

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About us

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

This quote, that has been misattributed to Albert Einstein, says a lot about our vision on risk management.

We believe that risk management is merely a different way of looking at your business; from a perspective of 'What can go wrong?' and 'What should I do about it?'.

Our mission is to make sure that risk management tooling, certification, best practices, laws and regulations can be used as a means to help you run a succesfull company and to be able to demonstrate that to your customers, stakeholders, accountants and regulatory agencies.

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Pricing plan

No financial risks with predictable monthly fees.

KRISPT. offers it's services via easy yearly subscriptions.
Mentioned prices are per month and are excluding VAT.


€ 1.500,-

Notifications of legislation

Templates for risk tooling

Review of documents

Consultations online

No dedicated consultants

1 specific contact / user only


€ 3.800,-

Interpretation of legislation

Facilitating risk tools

Review of control evidence

Participating in risk meetings

No dedicated consultants

Multiple contacts / users possible


€ 9.200,-

Implementation of legislation

Control design and testing

Risk monitoring and reporting

Facilitating risk meetings

Dedicated consultants

Multiple contacts / users possible


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